Ways to Encourage Your Kids to be Physically Active

You know that regular physical activity is crucial for your health, but how do you inspire your children to build and follow this habit? It can be a bit difficult to preach the importance of staying active when you can barely move off the couch after a busy day at work. However, if you want your kids to grow up healthy and strong, you need to come up with a few creative ideas to get them to leave their computer games and engage in physical exercises. If you have a sickly child, it would be best to consult a professional pediatrician in Dallas first before he engages in any activities.


Be Your Child’s Role Model

Children learn best when they have a role model, and as a parent, you’re their number one. If they see you lead an active life and exercise regularly, they’ll follow suit. Take your child for a walk in the evenings or teach them a new sport during weekends.


Give Your Children Control and be Supportive

Make sure that you’re not domineering and pushing them to do anything. Children will learn to love being active if they’re free to choose their activity. They’re also likely to jump from a favorite sport to another quickly, so arm yourself with a hefty dose of patience. Don’t judge their decision, but support them and let them settle at their own pace for whichever sport they like best.


Make Exercising a Fun Activity

Go ahead and have some fun. Get involved and spend some quality time together. If children associate exercising with amusement, it’s likely that they’ll continue doing it, especially if the family gets together for it. Find sports that promote teamwork, as these activities also improve emotional health and teach interaction skills.


Safety First

Make sure that your child wears appropriate clothing and equipment and that the environment is safe. Also, ensure that your child follows their exercise schedule appropriately. For instance, they shouldn’t spend more than two hours per day watching TV or playing video games. Educate them on the risks of a sedentary lifestyle.

Encouraging your children to live an active life can be difficult, especially if you’re guilty of sedentarism yourself. But if you want to watch them grow into healthy and strong adults, you should prioritize physical activity.

While leading your child in the right direction is your job as a parent, you could use some help from a specialist too, such as a trusted pediatrician in Dallas. Schedule an appointment with one of our doctors at Pediatric Associates of Dallas.