PAD Dallas is open on Saturdays until 12N and Sundays until 2PM. There may be times when your child needs in-office assistance when our office is closed.  Please consider the following when deciding between an After-Hours / Urgent Care Facility and an Emergency Room visit:

Benefits of Urgent Care:

  • Primarily staffed by pediatricians
  • Equipped to handle non-life-threatening situations
  • Fast and cost-effective alternative to the emergency department.


Comparing Urgent Care and the Emergency Department:

Time: Urgent care visits average 30 minutes vs. 2+ hours for the Emergency Department

Cost: Urgent care visits average $50 – $150 vs. $1,233 at the emergency department.

For patients with insurance, a co-payment will almost always be higher for emergency department visits than for urgent care visits.


PAD recommends the following Pediatric Urgent Care clinics in the Metroplex: (click on links for location options)

  1. Children’s Health PM Urgent Care
  2. Urgent Care for Kids
  3. Care Now Clinic
  4. FastDoc Urgent Care 

Pediatric Emergency Rooms:

The emergency department is meant for the following:

  • Life-threatening situations
  • Serious and sudden medical conditions
  • Trauma

If you or a loved one is experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 9-1-1 or find safe transportation to the emergency department near you.

  1. Medical City Dallas Hospital
  2. Children’s Medical Center in Dallas
  3. Children’s Medical Center at Legacy in Plano