Keeping our Children Safe...


…Against the Coronavirus.

We at PAD know there is much concern over the new coronavirus, COVID-19.  We want to reassure our patients that our top priority is to keep your child and our community safe.

We are generally following the Center for Disease Control guidelines and recommendations as they come out and are reviewing them daily with our quality team to make sure we are doing everything we can to keep our office safe and treat our patients.

We are also keeping in touch with our local health department and Childrens hospital to make sure we are aware of the needs of our specific community.

Screening measures have been in place in our office for two weeks now and we are doing our best to identify any potential cases before they walk through our door to protect everyone.

We do want to reassure you that so far the data points to relatively mild illness in children with no reported pediatric deaths. If your child or someone in your household is experiencing minor cold symptoms, our first recommendation is to stay home and rest. Please call us if symptoms are worsening or you have any other concerns. If you aren’t sure if your child should be seen, please don’t hesitate to call

We are recommending to everyone to follow the recommendations to prevent spread of any virus:

  • Please wash your hands frequently

  • Please try not to touch your face
  • Please clean surfaces (including cell phones) multiple times a day.  Click here for tips for safe and easy cell phone cleaning.

  • Keep a 6 foot distance from others who have symptoms right now and consider other greetings (avoid hugging, shaking hands)
  • Cover your cough with your elbow and not your hands


If you are concerned that your child might be infected with COVID-19, then please call Pediatric Associates of Dallas and/or P.A.D. Plano immediately so we can help direct care.

Please note, we do not currently have the ability to test for this in our office.