Deciding on a Pediatrician: Questions to Ask

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For new parents or families with small children moving into the Dallas, Plano, and surrounding areas of Texas, it’s essential to choose the right pediatrician for the family. Moving and having a baby are exciting but stressful life events, and it can be easy to neglect crucial decisions when it comes to choosing a medical office.

The best pediatricians in Dallas, Texas have a few tips to consider when selecting a new pediatrician.


Does the doctor seem interested in the child and the family’s concerns or needs?

It’s crucial for a doctor to thoroughly listen to the patient and invest their time and attention in the patient’s medical care. Without it, careless mistakes can occur, negatively impacting the patient’s health and well-being. Make sure the intended pediatrician is a good listener.


Does the office accept your insurance? Are they easy to travel to, and do they hold reasonable office hours?

It’s critical that the child’s insurance is accepted, or parents could end up paying a substantial amount. The best pediatricians in Dallas accepts most insurance and offers payment options.

Make sure the office is easy to get to and the hours work with your schedule. Knowing they can get to the office without missing work is a relief for many busy parents. Consider whether the office is on a public transportation line if you don’t have access to a vehicle.


How friendly and attentive is the office staff?

Going to the doctor is sometimes scary for small children. If the staff is friendly and attentive to the child, it makes the process a little less stressful for both the children and parents.


How about the pediatrician’s credentials?

Are they board-certified? How long have they been practicing? Research on the pediatrician’s education, training, and background. The best pediatricians in Dallas at Pediatric Associates of Dallas are all board-certified and are highly involved in the surrounding communities.

Choosing the right doctor for your child is very important. Don’t leave it to chance; thoroughly research a pediatrician before trusting him or her to care for your family.