COVID Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you offering rapid COVID-19 testing and what kind of testing?

A: We have started testing in our office for COVID-19. We are doing rapid testing, which is done with a nasal swab and results in about 20 minutes. We are also doing PCR testing, which is done with a nasopharyngeal swab and results in 2-5 days. For the rapid testing, after the swab is done, you will wait in your car for the results in case the result is indeterminate and requires repeat testing. If the rapid testing is negative, we may also decide to do a more sensitive test, the PCR, to confirm results.

Q: Where is the testing done?

A: The testing is done in our office in a designated room in the office. We are not doing drive through testing at this time.

Q: Will parents be allowed to be tested?

A: We are only testing established patients in our office, we are not testing parents.

Q: Do we do antibody testing?

A: We are not doing antibody testing. Antibody testing is not useful at this time as it does not infer immunity and is not always positive after disease.

Q: Do you have to be a certain age to be tested?

A: We are offering testing for all patients that we see, from birth to 23 years of age.

Q: If you have a negative test after exposure, do you still have to quarantine for 14 days?

A: Even if you have a negative test anytime after exposure,  there is still a chance in the 14 days after exposure that you may still become symptomatic. Regardless of whether or not you have a negative test, it is still recommended that you quarantine for 14 days after the exposure.

Q: Should I be tested if I’ve been exposed and have no symptoms?

A: We don’t recommend testing if you are asymptomatic. If you are asymptomatic, testing doesn’t change anything, you will still have to quarantine for 14 days.

Q: Should I be tested even if I have no symptoms?

A: If you have no symptoms, we do not recommend testing.

Q: What is considered an exposure to COVID?

A: An exposure is considered being within 6 feet of a person who has confirmed COVID for more than 15 minutes.