COVID Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you offering rapid COVID-19 testing? What kind of testing?

A: We are testing in our office for COVID-19. We have rapid testing, which is done with a nasal swab and results in about 20 minutes. We are also doing PCR testing, which is done with a nasopharyngeal swab and results in 2-5 days. Often the rapid test is backed up with the PCR test, as it is more reliable.

Q: Do I have to come into the office if I just need a COVID-19 test?

Pediatric Associates of Dallas does offer Telemedicine visits for patients who would like to be screened for COVID-19. This service is available for both the rapid test as well as a PCR test. This telemedicine option will only be available to existing patients who are currently asymptomatic.

Q: Where is the testing done?

A: The testing is done in our office in a designated room in the office or outside in an open air tent. We are not doing drive through testing at this time.

Q: Will parents be allowed to be tested?

A: We do not offer parent testing as this time.

Q: Do you have to be a certain age to be tested?

A: We are offering testing for all established patients, no matter the age.

Q: If you have a negative test after exposure, do you still have to quarantine for 14 days?

A: The CDC has currently updated the quarantine guidelines, however each school/daycare/place of work may have separate requirements for quarantine, depending on the circumstances. This can be discussed with your provider at your appointment.

Q: What is considered an exposure to COVID?

A: An exposure is considered being within 6 feet of a person who has confirmed COVID for more than 15 minutes, regardless of if a mask is worn or not.