Ages and Stages Questionnaire

At PAD we believe that early detection of developmental delays and behavioral problems is crucial to better outcomes for children. We use a developmental screening tool called the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ). It allows us to follow your child’s development more closely and provide early intervention should it be needed.

  • Designed to screen children for developmental delays in the critical 1st 5 years of life
  • Reliable, accurate and well-studied
  • Designed for ease of use for parents.
  • Parents fill out questionnaires at home and bring them to the child’s checkup.
  • Children can be tested in the comfort of home and at the parents’ convenience.
  • 5 developmental areas: communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem solving & personal-social
  • Allows parents to observe their children prior to the office visit.
  • Involving the parents enhances the accuracy of the screening
  • Culturally sensitive. Available in foreign languages (i.e. Spanish)

Please click the link below to complete and submit your ASQ online.

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