Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (PNPs) are Registered Nurses who have acquired knowledge and clinical skills in child health care through successful completion of a formal education program. They practice under their state Nurse Practice Act, and in accordance with individual state laws and regulations. National certification as a PNP currently requires a master’s degree in nursing.

Working from a nursing model, PNPs provide comprehensive health services by teaching, counseling and advising children and their families about growth and development, health status, illnesses, management plans and health promotion, and disease and injury prevention activities. They provide appropriate child and family education regarding purpose, timing, side effects, and possible interaction of medications and/or treatments, cost, and alternative treatments or procedures.

Maintaining professional accountability is important to PNPs. To accomplish this, they participate in appropriate professional organizations, demonstrate professional competency through ongoing peer review of clinical pediatric practice and participating in relevant continuing education and certification maintenance programs, modify practice based upon research advances, and monitor public issues that impact the health of children and their families.